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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 7
Christopher "Kit" Green, the Team of Five, and "Open Minds" Uncovered

This is a continuation of the release of information that has been gathered during the long investigation into the Project Serpo story by Reality Uncovered. This part includes a major stepping stone, the
conclusion of one particular lead we've been tracing for months - the guilt or innocence in the creation of the Serpo hoax of one of the members of the "team of 5" - the email exchange including Victor, Bill, Rick Doty, Hal Puthoff, and Christopher Green.

On February 9th of 2006, SkepticOverlord, co-owner of of ATS, locked the massive 5000 reply Serpo thread. Up until that point, it was suspected by many that the creators of Serpo were following the ATS thread closely and modifying each Serpo release to reflect points, and correct discrepancies, that were brought up by ATS members' responses in that thread. Many insightful members noticed this and mentioned it often throughout the thread.

Over the following month of March (take a note of that month), the creators of Serpo were somewhat homeless, without a place to gauge public reaction to each release. Lucianarchy's forum was in operation at this time, and discussing Serpo, but did not receive much traffic or attention to this point. Finally, the discussion gone from ATS, the "Serpo team" (those creating and distributing the Serpo releases) found a new home at Lucianarchy's (Brendan's) forum.

March 10th, 2006 – Bren/Lucianarchy holds “preliminary discussions” with “Big Names”:

On March 10th, Brendan announces to the moderators at the time (Jeddyhi, Jakereason, Surfer, and Eben) that he is "in preliminary discussions" with big names. The following is the post, verbatim, from the moderator forum, posted by lucianarchy/admin on March 10th:

« Reply #15 on Mar 10, 2006, 11:30pm »
Guys, maybe don't hold your breath, but there is a distinct possibility that some VERY big names will be registering on this forum over the next few days.

I say this not in vague hope, but in the real basis of some preliminary discussions going on right now.

To that end, please would you be good enough to check the 'pending regs' as often as you reasonably can, and look out for who they are.

As always, please keep this to yourself FTTB.



Two days later, on March 12th – Brendan boasts who the “big names” are to his fellow moderators. Kit Green, Richard Doty, and Bob Collins allegedly were encouraging the owner of the OM forum to “allow the information to flow”.

They allegedly tell Brendan/Lucianarchy/Admin that this is a “multi-billion dollar operation”. Brendan presents the case to his mods that he (and in effect they) are “in the loop” with regards to Serpo and UFO disclosure. (Emphasis mine)
« Reply #20 on Mar 12, 2006, 1:20pm »
guys, I've got Christopher (Kit) Green, Rick Doty and Bob Collins on board, kind of... none of them want to participate openly just yet, and they have their reasons. From what they're telling me, these disclosures are not only genuine, but extremely complex. Extremely. We are advised to not make judgments on anything just yet, but to allow the information to flow, whatever that may be. Apparently, this is a multi billion dollar operation. More later, but please, as usual, please schtum FTTB. Actually, this is one of the successes of the disclosures, no one is going to believe anything just yet, and that's the way it's meant to be.

Consider yourselves in the 'loop'.

Good work all round. To some this looks like the end, but it is far from that.

The most significant line in that post is this – “Apparently, this is a multi billion dollar operation”, as though Kit, Rick, Collins or all three – confirmed that to Brendan.  It is presented as though Brendan has had very "deep", very "secret" 1-on-1 conversations with all three individuals, where “inside” information was offered to Brendan. "Apparently, this is a multi billion dollar operation". Not probably is...not could be...but "is".

The following moderators were, and still are, privy to this post – Jakereason, Ivo5000, Jeddyhi, Surfer, and Resistthem.  Eben also was privy to this post when he was a moderator.

However when asked on July 16th, 2006 by a dual-member of both forums, Scarz, whether OM had ever been contacted by Kit, Collins, Doty, or Hal – they each individually denied it.


« Reply #18 on Jul 16, 2006, 12:52am »

It does appear there are questions on both sides of the fence that may never be answered.
I can probably ask this question and it will never be answered here, but here goes.

When was the first time, if ever, OM was contacted by Collins or Doty in regards to Serpo?

Jakereason (emphasis mine):

« Reply #19 on Jul 16, 2006, 12:57am »

Never that I am aware of.

There has been communications through Victor's email list. Rick Doty very rarely writes anything. Robert Collins is more active on the list and sometimes gives permission to post his comments on this board. And sometimes he asks us to post certain things, which we always do.

But never (as far as I recall) has he contacted OM directly, it's always through Victor's list.

Scarz with a followup question:

'>« Reply #20 on Jul 16, 2006, 1:13am »
Thank you for your reply Jake. What about the other two so called players Kit Green or Hal Puthoff, have they ever contacted OM in regards to Serpo?

Jakereason again (emphasis mine):

'>« Reply #21 on Jul 16, 2006, 1:27am »
They too have been like Doty, very rarely saying much on Victor's list. They have never contacted us.

Last week was the first time I saw Kit Green offering any comments at all. It was between an exchange of a small group (perhaps 15-25 people) mostly sparked by Shawnna's biased accusations. Many people were getting quite upset by her disrespectful attitude. So Mr. Green jumped in too and gave his 2 cents.

Other than that Puthoff & Green have never been in touch with OM regarding Serpo. Or Seinu or any UFO related issue. We wish they would.

Ivo5000’s response (emphasis mine):

'>« Reply #22 on Jul 16, 2006, 11:59pm »
We have never been contacted directly by Doty, Collins, Green or Puthoff that I am aware of. There has been some 3rd party contact (through Victor's list for instance) but nothing directly.

Note At this point, given the March post, which they had access to and responded to, and the July denials of such contact - there could be a few explanations. They could have simply forgotten about Bren's post. Or, they could be perfectly aware that what they are saying goes against the truth. It is hard to know which, until Surfer makes a very telling comment in his reply:

'>« Reply #23 on Jul 17, 2006, 12:21am »
Hey, ScarZ--why do I get the feeling we are being set up?

No, we have not been contacted by any of them about Serpo.

(Waits for the shoe to drop.)

Scarz, extremely insightful, and never one to miss a clue, catches the slip:

'>'>« Reply #24 on Jul 17, 2006, 2:20am »
Surfer.....How can you be set up if you haven't been contacted by any of them in regards to Serpo?

**Note** - Jakereason gave Scarz a PM “warning” for that comment.**

Jeddyhi responds as well:

'>'>« Reply #25 on Jul 17, 2006, 3:57am »
I hardly get contacted by anyone except For Victor's stream list. That's enough!!

Admin/Lucianarchy does not answer Scarz’ question. He just posts the same old “Centrist” email, clinging to the hope that he can maintain the moral high ground on a sinking ship. Why the silence? Why doesn’t Lucianarchy answer the question?

Maybe to answer would mean either he would need to tell the truth, which would contradict how his moderators have answered, or outright lie.  Or maybe he would have to admit that he was not entirely truthful, even to his own moderators. 

RU Investigates the “Kit Green” Lead

The first step in verifying any claim, is to go straight to the source.  In this case that would have been Brendan.  When that doesn’t work, you analyze the claims by working through the names and evidence given.  Since real names were provided, there were three leads to work with.  Kit Green, Richard Doty, and Robert Collins.  From recent experience, we knew that Doty & Collins were not truthful enough to honestly answer our questions.  The lawyer bar exam issue revealed that the truth would never come from these two.

Dr. Christopher Green, however, is another matter.  We already had a number of discrepancies and issues to point to for us to suspect Dr. Green as having an involvement with the creators of Serpo. However, many of the “team of 5” emails posted in our expose and discussed by Dan Smith on his recent blog updates do reveal that Dr. Green seems to be an impartial observer – never taking one side, but responding to any evidence that is presented in a fair and balanced way. We saw this in his response to the various claims that have been raised along the way. Unlike Collins and Doty, Dr. Green accepted strong evidence for what it was, verifiable and convincing.  This, of course is known to have led to some disagreements between Dr. Green, Victor & Bill over time, but we noticed, in the “team of 5 emails”, a willingness on the part of Dr. Green to keep a truly open mind to all possibilities, for or against Serpo being a form of disclosure.

Therefore, on July 31st,  I contacted Dr. Green to ask about this particular issue.  Our exchanges were quite lengthy at times, so to save space and readability, I will quote excerpts, however Dr. Green would hopefully attest to the accuracy of the conversation.  My question was essentially as follows:

"The issue at hand is your relationship with Lucianarchy/Brendon Burton of the OM forum.  We have information that shows that you and others were in contact with him concerning taking an active role in his forum in regards to Serpo some time in March.  Are you aware of what I am referring to, and would you be able to explain why, with only a curious interest in the serpo story, you would feel compelled to take an active
role regarding participation in his forum?”

Dr. Green was confused, to say the least.  This was his immediate answer:
I am exactly 100% certain, however, that I did not agree to participate
in a forum...and I don't believe "Bren" asked me to beyond one request.
I think he (as have many others...at least three folks doing forums and
web pages) did "offer" to let me "put my views out there"...and while I
do not remember exactly what I said...it would have been a polite "no

Brendan's claims in his mod forum posts and Dr. Green’s answer didn’t match up. Dr. Green searched his email and couldn’t find a record of the comments Bren alleged Kit had made - if anything, he had only made one or two of the short comments to various people within various discussions. But never directly to Brendan.  So I forwarded Dr. Green Brendan’s posts, verbatim.  He was shocked, to say the least.

“I do not know if he really thought I was going to be "on Board" because I don't know who might have promised him that...but whoever it was doesn't know me very
well! But, I fully agree it sure does look that by reference, he was including me in the set of "big people' he "had on-board maybe"...but it twarn't me.

So...I think the discrepancy is something ranging on his part between hope (based on what he thought he had been told by the mysterious stranger who name-dropped me...for which I certainly don't blame him if he had reason to trust the person in spite of the person being flat wrong)...to good old fashioned exaggeration, (but careless and innocent not venal)...to the final extreme of someone flat jerking us around, dissembling, and even bordering on a lie...which I don't want to believe."

Over the course of several weeks, I learned quickly that Dr. Green is extremely inquisitive and very open minded, but still has his feet firmly planted on the ground.  He is fair and respectful toward others (as is evidenced by the email above, where he refused to blame anyone, or take sides, for what apparently looked like a flat-out lie).  He was even willing to help resolve the conflicting accounts by contacting Brendan and asking about the one single email that he had a record of, that referenced Seinu.  Hoping that Brendan’s reply would shed some clarity on the issue.

Dr. Green wrote to Brendan with this:

Did you ever get anyone to analyze the "Seinu" papers to which I
demurred to your kind request (because I didn't think there was enough
medical content in which to sink my teeth)...?
I have noticed the SERPO-ania has died down, and so was reviewing some
old files before erasing and I came across one from you on May 10th. As
you know, I have been recently said to be Isaac Ho or Greatwaller, and
even that I was part of your forum back in March. I surely never have
been on any forum unless it was an altered state of consciousness or
some sort of amnesic psychotic break!
Did you ever see my name appear on your site?? If so, do you know if
someone was trying to be me and why, as they now say I am Isaac? If you
are comfortable...I would love to know who first mentioned me to
you...but don't worry if you are now out of all this and on to other
mysteries to solve and can't be bothered with Serpo-ania any more!

Weeks passed – with no reply from Brendan.

During discussions with Dr. Green, all of us at RU team went through periods of skepticism regarding the innocence of Dr. Green.  Stories, legends, rumors, and ufo folklore, as a majority paint Dr. Green, one of Moore's "Aviarians", as an evil genius of sorts.  However, each time he was questioned, many times with some very difficult and blunt questions, Dr. Green clearly and sincerely answered each one – he explained his limited involvement in discussions, his limited interest in Serpo, and his lack of interest in Seinu.  We also learned quickly that Dr. Green is not one to take sides.  He is very much a neutral – judging statements, claims, and issues based on the case and evidence presented, and does not allow preconceived notions or bias of others affect his judgement.  It is for this reason I started to develop a respect for Kit.

Finally, after enough time had passed without a reply from Brendan, I decided to present a final test of sorts for Dr. Green’s credibility.  I would approach Brendan and ask about the email Kit had allegedly sent.  If he denied receiving it – then Dr. Green might not have sent it.  If he received it, then the issue was – why has he not replied?

My email to Brendan, Sept 7th, 2006:
Curious - why have you not responded to Dr. Green's inquiry, dated August 2, 2006, with the Subject "Old News"?


His response:
Hi Ryan

Even curiouser (!), which inquiry? I have no email from Kit and can see no posts on any forum directed at me!
Do you know where he sent the inquiry?



Eventually Dr. Green was cc’d, and pulled into the conversation (thinking he would "get me in trouble with Kit").  Maybe Brendan didn’t realize that Dr. Green was already aware of my doubts.  Maybe he didn’t realize that we already knew most of the answers – but just needed Brendan to confirm the truth (or lack of truth) of his forum moderator “billion dollar operation" post.

No, sorry. How strange.

I've included Mr Green in the reply here, if he has any questions, he is always most welcome to contact me.



My response:

Excellent - sometimes transparency is the best way to ascertain the truth.

This is simple enough: I asked Dr Green about your statement in the OM mod forum that he, Rick, and Dr Green said he knows of no such communication with you except getting an email from you related to Seinu.

He was willing to contact you to confirm that - however you never responded to his email.

Thats the jist of it.

Either you, or Dr Green, are lying. In all honesty, Ive come to trust Dr. Greens word, so...?


Once Dr. Green was cc’d, and it became clear that I had already been in touch with Dr. Green – Brendan went on the offensive, and claimed ignorance of the post in question, conducted an ad hominem attack and maintained that he hadn’t received any email from Dr. Green – attempting to make the issue “my problem”, when in fact it was quickly becoming his.

Dr Green: I am sorry for the intrusion, - I am including you in CC
due to the nature of the request from Ryan Dube.

Ryan: I really have NO idea what you are writing about here.

You most definitely have misunderstood something, somewhere.

I have had no emails from Dr Green within recent weeks, or probably
If you could provide whatever post it is that you have evidently misunderstood on the "OM forum", we could discuss that, if that would help. But I am really not sure what it is you are referring to

Maybe Dr Green could forward the email you are claiming he has sent me.

But since I have not heard from him in recent times, that is perhaps an issue for only yourself, Ryan.

And right now, I am finding it difficult to understand what possible business any of my private correspondence with a third party might be to you anyway.

I most certainly do not want accusations of being a liar and I am sure Dr Green would feel the same.

So please do try to adopt a more positive tone if you wish to constructively resolve whatever problem you appear to have.

Dr. Green forwarded the inquiry he had sent Bren, that Bren had not replied to.  No additional comments – other than saying he had indeed had no communications with Bren.

Knowing that there was little chance Brendan would freely offer up his correspondence with Dr. Green in relation to that mod posting, the only way to get him to cough up the evidence – was to do the one thing I knew would work with Brendan....injure his ego.

Thank you Dr. Green,

Here they are Brendan, just as I forwarded to Dr. Green for his review and feedback.  And if you claim they are out of context, I'd be glad to forward Dr. Green 5 pages of posts before and after these, either in text format or as actual screen snapshots, to show that the context does not change the meaning within these posts:

-->moderator posting #1 pasted here<--

-->moderator posting #2 pasted here<--

It's pretty simple Brendan - however you try to spin it, the statement "From what they're telling me" is pretty clear.  "They" - Rick, Bob, and Kit.  "Me" - Brendan.  You claimed to the moderators in March that these guys were telling YOU these things - but here Kit is today, stating emphatically that your comments in that post are untrue.  "They", at least Kit that is, never held any such discussions with you.  And Kit, at least, is stating openly here that he was never "on board" at the OM forum, not even "kind of" as you claimed.


Brendan, extremely insulted, and needing to prove that he was in fact, “in communications” with Dr. Green, just as he claimed in the moderator forum – replied that Dr. Green had contacted him in March, and finally presented the proof, and the answer we (RU) were looking for - the damning email from Dr. Green.  Well…not the entire email, just a tiny excerpt…and apparently taken out of context:
Ryan: I will address your 'problem' shortly. But first, a little context for Kit.

What you (Ryan) are referring to is of course CONFIDENTIAL correspondence which you have taken from your short time as a moderator at the Open Minds Forum and are now, evidently, getting tangled up in.

Professionally speaking, most confidential correspondence is maintained at that level specifically for the reason that information CAN be taken out of context and without full background information.

To be honest, I am appalled at your level of duplicity and that you have used your time at OM in order to garner, circulate (and misuse) information which you obviously don't understand.

You have my full permission to send Kit whatever you want and I am more than puzzled as to why you should be terming such as a 'threat' of some sort. Maintaining confidentiality is not the same as 'having something to hide'. And to be frank, your entire tone throughout this has been most peculiar. What do you think has been 'going on'? You have alluded to both myself and Kit as being potential "liars" - yet fail to include yourself as being the 'cause' of the problem - Was it not possible that Ryan Dube himself, in fact, was the person who had made a mistake? As you will see, the answer to that is: Yes.

I am not responsible for how you, personally, interpret reality or information. But I will present the facts of your 'problem' and then Kit  will understand how your mind works.

Kit (Dr Green) started corresponding with me back in early March of this year:

This was the first time I heard about disclosure possibly being:

"[...] A multi billion-dollar program, with many levels of clearances, and a decision that a multi-year effort to release millions of pages of what has been heretofore a 50-year effort at hiding data is happening. [...]

The same with Rick Doty, Bob Collins and others prominent within the 'Serpo loop' - we established an opening dialogue about the Serpo 'disclosures', and discussed the possibility of some people contributing directly into the forum. Some were for this, and some were against. Dr Green later told me that he was " not comfortable openly discussing this subject, but I surely respect those who are." .

I have put Dr Green's comments in highlight - reluctant though I am to disclose private correspondence - in the hope that Ryan will see exactly that *nothing* in that CONFIDENT correspondence which he took and copied whilst a mod at our Open Minds Forum is at odds with the facts of the reality of the situation.

Dr Green: Under the circumstances, I would appreciate it if you would confirm to Ryan Dube that indeed we did have such a correspondence and that that correspondence in no way goes against anything I may have relayed in turn in private to my small team of moderators.

I do hope this shall be the end of this as I have a family, career and life to attend to, apart from the time of administering the Open Minds Forum. To say that I have found this string of emails time consuming to research and resolve to the satisfaction of someone with a dire attitude problem and even worse communication skills, would be the most polite thing I could say right now. I am referring, of course, to Ryan Dube.

Ryan: I have stood by and responded politely and co-operatively to your emails on this matter, despite your tone and allusions to me or Dr Green being "liars". You will see now, that in fact, it was yourself who was mistaken in the first place and appear to have 'read in' some other context which evidently exists only within your own mind.

Ryan, I would appreciate an acknowledgement of your misunderstanding, and in line with the tone of your emails to date, I would be pleasantly surprised if you did so.

Brendan Burton

In the next email, still fuming, he re-iterated that the email from Kit was to him, and him alone.  Not a cc – a private communication from Dr. Green. 

“There were no "group" conversations, Ryan - (why on earth put the word in 'quotes'? - perhaps you see how you create your own problems – you evidently fill in the gaps that your pre-existing agenda has determined), they were ALL individual correspondences, with INDIVIDUAL people. No CC's. No group emails. Individual correspondence with unique aspects and issues. Sent, as was the correspondence referred to below from Kit, *direct* to me, alone.”

The next response was critical – I was watching Dr. Green closely for what was to come next.  If no response, I knew that was the end of the story regarding Dr. Green, we would finally have the evidence needed regarding the credibility of yet another member of the “team of 5”.  All of the statements from Dr. Green that went contrary to what Brendan was telling us now was running through my head…  I was, therefore, pleased to see that Dr. Green quickly replied – with the [b]entire email stream[/b], putting the single one which Brendan had excerpted and misconstrued into context.

First he sent this one (emphasis is mine): 
Ryan and Brendan:

I absolutely do remember writing those words, or almost exactly those words...often. <b>I do not remember sending them to you directly, Brendan, but to Victor. I didn't know you in March at all...but perhaps I responded to an email that I do not remember. </b> If you have it, then I did and forgot. In any event, the words sure are like what I believed then and now. I have again searched my email files with Google Desktop, and can not find any email from or to you except the one I sent in response to your (what I thought was your first) asking me about Seinu. That may be the one from which you are quoting.

But the fact that I <b>"started corresponding" in March</b> confuses me ...were there actually any emails other than the ones about Seinu...and the one I sent about Isaac Ho?

I really don't care, because whatever we have discussed has been civil and clear...and if you have an email from me earlier and separate from the ones I recall about Seinu...I do apologize for forgetting.

Dr. Green’s confusion stemmed from Brendan’s statement “Kit started corresponding” – a trademark "Brendan" manipulation of the truth….as was finally revealed within the next few exchanges…


Brendan forwarded Kit’s email – however just “the one”.  His reasoning for doing this is that “Ryan Dube will appreciate that this is clearly none of his business…”  Fascinating…

“No worries, Kit.

I do understand how memory and time often fail to engage on the same frequency.(!) I certainly did not expect you to 'remember' such correspondences, as I am sure you are often inundated with similar requests.

Here's one full email ( referred to in our recent correspondences with Ryan Dube ): complete with headers.  You will see that it was indeed not CC'd to anyone else. I do have copies of others which I am happy to forward your good-self. Although, I do now expect that Ryan Dube will appreciate that any of this is clearly none of his business and most certainly do NOT include him in that offer.”

While this was going on, Kit conducted another search through his email, on the new email of Brendan’s (not the yahoo one) – and discovered the “1-on-1, private exchange” Brendan was referring to (emphasis mine):

Brendan and Ryan:

I took Brendan's statement that we started a correspondence in March. Indeed. Here are the first and only emails I can find. They came up when I searched on "Lucianarchy" and not "brendon.burton"... I accept that this constitutes a "correspondence" and that my recollection is faulty. Thank god in one message where I said there would have to be a "Billion dollar conspiracy" it was at least ended with "or not."

I take note again, that the comments were civil, and that my privacy was protected...but I really don't mind anyone knowing what I said in bilateral or small-group discussions...at least where comments are civil.
However, Kit then forwarded the entire exchange – filling in all of the gaps that Brendan had left out, and painting a much different picture than Brendan had painted, both here and in the moderator forum back in March : 

***Start of Exchange***
From: brendan Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 3:44 PM
To: Green, Christopher
Subject: 'Open Mind'

Hello, Sir.
Please forgive the intrusion into your time, I do realise that you are a very busy person so I thank you in advance for giving this your attention, and I of course will understand fully if you don't even reply to this email.
I run the forum 'Open Mind' -  where Bill Ryan exclusively participates; http://lucianarchy.proboards21.com/index.cgi?board=projectserpo I know you already participate on 'vic's list', but the folks at Open Mind would respect and value any input you can bring in respect of our full understanding of the issues surrounding the 'serpo disclosures'. The forum is very well moderated, and you have my personal assurance that you will be treated with dignity and respect. It is nothing like 'ATS', - although we do currently attract about 1000 'reads' per day. Things have taken a new slant over the last twenty-four hours, as you know, and we would very much like to hear your well-honed insight into why this has happened, things 'serponian' in particular, and disclosure in general.
Again, thanks for your time in reading this, and, (regarding your decision) either way; may I extend best wishes of good health and peace to you.
From: Green, Christopher
To: brendan
Cc: Bill Ryan
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 9:08 PM
Subject: RE: 'Open Mind'

Thankyou, Brendan.
I am not comfortable openly discussing this subject, but I surely respect those who are.
That said...were I do open the cite you gave me, would I understand what you mean by :"Things have taken a new slant over the last twenty-four hours"  ?
From: brendan
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 4:38 PM
To: Green, Christopher
Subject: Re: 'Open Mind'

Hi, thanks for your response. I do, of course, understand the reluctance to discuss 'in the open', that is why we operate a strict moderation policy of 'respect and dignity', we do not allow insults or personal attacks, and as a result our forum is progressive in terms of debate around these issues. If you ever want to just 'drop in' just click on the link : http://lucianarchy.proboards21.com/index.cgi?board=projectserpo  and if you want to register to post, just let me know. The recent developments relate to the issues surrounding the passing on of the 'ebe' picture and the 'text'. It seems unusual to release the picture, as there are other pictures already in circulation which are 'genuine', whereas, the latest obviously isn't. Complex?
Best Bren

From: Green, Christopher
To: brendan
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 9:52 PM
Subject: RE: 'Open Mind'

Thanks, Brendan.
It is actually interesting...perhaps some of the old material was also legitimate.
From: brendan
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 5:26 PM
To: Green, Christopher
Subject: Re: 'Open Mind'

Hi again, Christopher, yes, I agree that it is interesting. Yet people are puzzled about the latest 'ebe1' picture disclosure when there is already the genuine 'ebe1' picture, which would perhaps be a more appropriate(?) photograph if nothing 'new' was being disclosed. I accept that some of the old material was legit, I am just a bit puzzled as to the conditions in which these disclosures are taking place. The effect of such seems to be drawing attention successfully, yet at the same time presenting clearly ambiguous issues which evidently affects disclosure assimilation. Anyway, interesting stuff, I agree! Thanks for your time and insight, it is personally valued.
Best wishes,

From: Green, Christopher
To: brendan
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2006 2:25 AM
Subject: RE: 'Open Mind'

Thanks, Bren.
To the extent the Disclosure is real, it must needs be very complex. A multi billion-dollar program, with many levels of clearances, and a decision that a multi-year effort to release millions of pages of what has been heretofore a 50-year effort at hiding data is happening. The reasons are beyond us all to understand, but are underpinned by deep decisions of very high levels of government. Or, not.
From: brendan
To: Green, Christopher
Date: Mar 12 2006 - 5:51pm

Hi. Thanks again for your time here. From what I understand, Christopher, (imho) an eventual disclosure is natural / logical and an important part of our evolutionary progression in many ways. I think the hardest part for many, will be the issue of 'forgiveness' . Most people will not even begin to comprehend the decisions which have been made in the past. The important thing is to create the conditions where we can move forwards, rather than concentrating on what has already happened - which, of course, cannot be changed.
Here's to the future!

Isn’t it fascinating – how taking a single email out of context will completely change the meaning and purpose of that email?

Dr. Green’s comment was a polite, speculative response to Brendan’s first inquiry in March.  There had been no “ongoing discussions” with Dr. Green, and Dr. Green certainly was not providing “inside information” to confirm anything about Serpo – yet Brendan posted the small snippet of Kit’s comment in the moderator forum as such – leaving out the “To the extent the Disclosure is real, it must needs be very complex.” (at the beginning) and the “Or not” (at the end).  Misleading all of the moderators into thinking that Brendan was receiving “inside” information confirming Serpo is indeed disclosure, and quite possibly would be joining the OM forum shortly – when, in fact, nothing of the sort was, or is, true.  At least not from Dr. Green.  Whatever Collins and Doty were (and are) emailing Brendan – we may never know.


My final statement on this, is stated in the email I sent to both Dr. Green and Brendan in conclusion of this exchange:
Thank you Kit,

For setting the record straight and for sharing the entire email stream from
start to finish.  By the way, your last few paragraphs in that email below were
poetic - and I could not agree more with every word.

The truth of this particular matter is that the entire exchange, presented by
you, Kit, told a much different (and complete) story than the one Brendan told,
both in the moderator forum and in our exchanges here.  It also confirmed the
true meaning behind the "billion dollar operation" post, which was
misrepresented and misconstrued as "inside information" to the moderators - and
that there was extensive 1-on-1, ongoing communication going on.  When in
reality, there was nothing of the sort.  The problem and the relevance, is that
that misrepresentation presented you, Kit, as being in close collaboration with
Collins and Rick Doty in regards to Serpo, as being potentially "on-board" with
the OM forum, and as being in very close ongoing 1-on-1 communications with
Brendan, when in fact none of those were the case.  And I will say that after
holding a rather enjoyable exchange with you - I'm very pleased to see that
this is the truth.

The matter still remains of the "missing" email which Brendan claimed to have
never received from you.  However at this point, it really isn't all that
important.  The important questions have certainly been answered.

Be prepared for an onslaught of emails from Brendan (and possibly his other
mods), outlining to you how I am most certainly the devil incarnate.  That is
the game they played with Dr. Alfred Webre (maybe I can tell you that story
some time).   ;)

With much respect,

There are many who have questioned the involvement of Dr. Green in the “team of 5” email exchanges… Some have speculated that if such a member of the Aviary is involved, evil things are afoot. From our own ongoing investigations however, it appears Kit is not complicit in this hoax. Like many of us, he is an interested party who is intrigued by the details and the possibilities.

We’ve “grilled” Dr. Green, on many of the details were we saw discrepancies between what he stated in the “Team of 5” emails, and what he stated elsewhere.  In every case, he has been able to explain the statements.  In every case, Dr. Green has been quite sincere in his effort to truthfully respond and has dedicated an inordinate amount of time to searching for the truth.

There is however, evidence to show that there are, indeed, others involved beyond (or behind) Doty, in delivering this information (Serpo & Seinu).  Evidence reflects the strong possibility that there is no DIA involvement, nor is there involvement of any other intelligence agency.  It shows that it is much more likely that the involvement are of only private individuals, and quite likely commercial/financial in nature.  “Or not”….

This information will be the next, and maybe the final, Chapter.

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