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Reality Uncovered Project Serpo Investigation - Part 6
Rick Doty's Blackmail and Victor's Moral "High" Ground

This is a continuation of the release of information that has been gathered during the long investigation into the Project Serpo story by Reality Uncovered. This part includes a few examples of the many incidents of unethical behaviour by two of the individuals responsible for "delivering" Serpo to the public domain.
The following is updated information we are providing to help make everyone aware of what has really been going on "behind the scenes" of Serpo. Throughout our research and verification of the various facts found in Mr. Collins book on Doty, Shawnna - the lead investigator on that issue (Doty's lawyer claims) was not only insulted by Mr. Collins and Bill Ryan in emails, Mr. Doty himself privately harassed and threatened Shawnna.

Additionally our integrity, morality, and truthfulness has come under full attack by the OM forum. We are now releasing the first piece of information we've confirmed about Victor Martinez's criminal history, whom the OM moderators have collaborated with in attacking each of us as we've moved forward with our investigations.

Doty's harassment of Shawnna

Toward the end of the "heated" argument between Collins & Doty and us regarding the Bar Exam and Law School issues, Richard Doty started privately emailing Shawnna threatening emails. He claimed to have some information about trouble with the law in her past and threatened to make those public unless she stopped talking about him. He was threatening to use a fabricated criminal past about Shawnna if she wouldn't remain silent about her findings. At one point in the evening, Mr. Doty sent Shawnna 8 emails in the span of one hour.

June 15th, Rick sent Shawnna the following email:

[From Rick]
Date: June 15, 2006 8:32:43 PM PDT
To: "Shawnna Connolly"
Subject: Re: [Norton AntiSpam] Re: [Norton AntiSpam] Re: [Norton AntiSpam] Re: SERPO, SEINU and DISCLOSURE Open Mind -The Progressive Sceptics and Para-Politics Forum - Bob Collins resolves the 'Doty email' issue

Ms. Connolly:

You have falsified several things about me, my occupation and my past. You have hoaxed my email address and my name.

Now, if you wish to see how well I'm versed in law, I'll show you.

Nine minutes later - he sends her the following threat:

[From Rick]
Date: June 15, 2006 8:41:37 PM PDT
Subject: Re: Convicted Felon

I was just informed by two people on Victor Martinez's list that you are a convicted felon. You were convicted of forgery and embezzlement.

I will publish this on the forum.

Shawnna - never one to be phased by threats, calls his bluff:

[From Shawnna]
From: Shawnna Connolly
To: Rxxxxxxxxxx@msn.com
Sent: Thursday, June 15, 2006 21:53
Subject: Your threat - "Convicted Felon"

?- you appear to be desperate, Mr. Doty.

I have NEVER done anything wrong in my entire life, much less been charged, or convicted of ANYTHING.??

Go ahead and post this - it would be my pleasure to SUE a New Mexico state police man presenting false information on the internet and fraudently passing himself off as a lawyer (page 91, second edition of Exempt from Disclosure, and page 96 of the first edition of Exempt from Disclosure).


But Doty continues using his threatening tactics - I'm sure they've worked before. But apparently he's never met anyone like Shawnna before....

[From Rick]
To: "Shawnna Connolly"
Subject: Re: Your threat - "Convicted Felon"
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 03:57:50 +0000

You'd have to sue the persons who spread the information, mainly Victor's list of people, who forwarded me the email.

Now, you see how things can be spread? Whether its truth or not, it was spread.

Oh, I'll spread it, just like you spread lies about me.

By the way, you can't sue unless you can prove venue, which can't be done on Internet traffic. You might want to check the laws!

Just keep you mouth shut about me and I'll do the same with you.

If not, then things will get very interesting with Internet Traffic.

While the threats were disturbing, Shawnna would not allow Mr. Doty to intimidate her, and she contacted the NM State Police and forwarded this information & evidence of all of the threats to his immediate supervisor.

Shawnna heard back from his supervisor as a result of our report. Capt. Pete Kassetas of the New Mexico State Patrol assured Shawnna that Mr. Doty had been spoken to and would not be contacting her again. He also said that if for some reason she did hear from Mr. Doty again, she was to contact him right away. Shawnna asked Capt. Kassetas if the department was OK with Doty claiming to have passed the NM State Bar exam and presenting himself to be a lawyer - his response was that he couldn't talk to her about the details but that issue was also being investigated.

Shawnna hasn't heard from Doty since - and according to Bill's latest July 7th release: "As of the time of writing (7 July) Rick Doty has been uncontactable by anyone I know for the last month – which I believe would only have occurred under direct orders."

Bill, in his summary above, comes to a conclusion typical of someone desperately wanting to believe the stories that Rick has told him. He wants to believe, and therefore speculates that Rick receives "direct orders" from "government insiders" or "handlers". When the reality is much more mundane and is what we call the "true" story. Rick's supervisor at the NM State Police told him to back off. Rick Doty is his own worst enemy. He is addicted to creating stories and untruths, to the point where he begins to believe the stories himself. I'd refer everyone to the article Hidden Hand posted recently in the forum titled "The Pathology of a Liar". Mr. Doty suffers from an illness, a sickness, and we've all had audience to this with Serpo. But this pathology extends all the way back to the Bennewitz days. Decades of pathological lies - littering UFOlogy with folklore and stories fabricated by a man who knew how to use his limited knowledge of military security terminology and methods to manipulate thousands. The game is now coming to a close. But the question now remains, how much damage has been done to UFOlogy over the past three decades? Did others assist him, and if so, why?

Open Minds in Collaboration with Victor, the convicted criminal

It is important to note the pathology of another major player in Project Serpo. Victor Martinez has been one of OM's major supporters and they, in turn, have been some of his major supporters as well. We know that several of the moderators have leaked private information from the mod forum about us to Victor. In addition, during each round of attacks from Victor - the OM moderators would always stand behind Victor, feed him information or cheer him on. Of all of the players involved in Serpo, it is apparent that "Open Minds" is closest to Victor.

Given this fact, and the almost daily comments from those same moderators regarding the integrity of RU, it is important to note that one of their main proponents, their collaborator, is a man who suffers from a couple of severe social illnesses, the major ones we have chosen to keep private (for now) because of the nature of them. I would hope that Victor Martinez would learn that it would be in his best interest to stop trashing people's ethics and integrity, unless he, himself would like to be placed under the same microscope.

It is important to note that the individuals whom OM chooses to deal with are far from honorable - and definitely far from moral. We've discussed Rick Doty at some length in our past releases. Now we will briefly move on to discuss Victor Martinez.

As most who have followed our investigations know, Shawnna uncovered information in the public domain about a criminal background on Victor Martinez. This discovery was posted in our online forums and referred to a news article about a robbery at a Borders bookstore. We have requested and obtained the case records, which carry the necessary identifying information (including birthday, address, phone number, etc...) to confirm that the attempted robber was Victor G. Martinez of the exopolitics/ufo email thread. Four charges were filed against him in this case, and he was convicted of 2 of them.

From page 1 of the case file from the Superior Court of California, County of Orange , North Justice Center - the charges he was convicted on were:

COUNT 2: On or about February 16, 2002, Victor G. Martinez, in violation of Section 484(a) 488 of the Penal Code (PETTY THEFT), a Misdemeanor, did willfully and unlawfully steal, take and carry away the personal property of BORDER'S BOOK..

COUNT 3: On or about February 16, 2002, Victor G. Martinez, in violation of Section 240 of the Penal Code (ASSAULT), a Misdemeanor, did willfully and unlawfully, having the present ability to do so, attempt to commit a violent injury on the person of XXXXX XXXXXXX.

On page 11, the terms of the convictions are laid out.

- Defendant placed on 3 years informal probation.
- Violates no laws and obeys orders of court
- Obey all rules of Court & Jail
- Submit to search and seizure
- Not possess any dangerous weapon
- Use True Name and D.O.B. at all times
- Carry Valid I.D. at all times
- Reveal probation terms upon request of Peace officer.
- Stay away from Borders Bookstore and Cxxxxx Jxxxxxx during probationary period

It is important to note that one of the charges stem from the fact that in trying to escape from Borders, Victor attempted to attack a female clerk. As a very wise friend of mine always says - actions speak much louder than words. From the minutes of the March 6-7, 2002 meeting of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the following is stated:

All certification documents held by the following individuals were automatically suspended because a complaint, information or indictment was filed in court alleging each individual committed an enumerated offense specified in Education Code section 44940. Their certification documents will remain automatically suspended until the Commission receives notice of entry of judgement pursuant to Education Code section 44940(d) and (e).

(other names deleted)
46. Martinez, Victor       Monrovia, CA

From the June 2002 Commission Agenda minutes the following is stated:

All credentials held by the following individuals were suspended, pursuant to Education Code section 44424 or 44425, because a plea of no contest was entered to an offense specified in the above sections of the Education Code. The credentials will remain suspended until final disposition by the Commission.

(other names deleted)
46. Martinez, Victor Monrovia, CA

And finally, in the August 2003 minutes, the following is written:

59. MARTINEZ, Victor Monrovia, CA
The Proposed Consent Determination, which stipulates that Mr. Martinez's credential is revoked is adopted.

A blackmailing, harassing police Sergeant who threatened a woman, and a convicted criminal who attacked a woman during a shoplifting attempt and who repeatedly trashes and attacks Shawnna in emails with venom. Who's integrity should be questioned? In the release of any information as critical and earth-shattering as UFO/Alien disclosure - would such important disclosures, having such deep implications for humanity, come through such men as these?


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Last Updated: 01/08/2006


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